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Listed above are a few of the many web sites we have designed, each are very different from one another and designed using Adobe Creative Suite and fine coded by hand to meet web 2.0 and w3c standards.

Web Design

We specialise in small/medium business web site design and site maintenance, customised to fit the needs of your company. Though Based in Harlow,Essex, we can create a custom made web site design no matter what your location.

The Internet is the future of media. More and more companies are securing their place on the Internet. The wonderful thing about having your custom design on the Internet, is your ability to attract a large volume of potential customers for your business at a low cost..

Commerce on the Internet, if done successfully, involves far more than just creating a page and posting it on the Internet. A page will never be seen if it is not marketed properly. Not only will we create a unique look that best represents your image, we can also market your product, resulting in higher returns for your investment. Our goal is your success.

We can assist you in selecting your own unique domain address for your company and get you listed on the most important search engines for maximum traffic and exposure. We can also assist you and your company in setting up the ability to accept credit cards, over the Internet.

So You Think You Want A Web Site?

Some people expect that having a killer web site will instantly bring them fame and fortune - and it has been known to happen. But just like finding gold in your backyard, "striking it rich" with a web site doesn't happen very often. There are hundreds of millions of web sites on the Internet, and only a very few have made their owners wealthy. Because the returns expected from having a web site will determine to a large extent how that site should be designed, it is important to begin the site development effort with a set of reasonable and achievable objectives.

Web Design Costs

Web site prices range from free to over half a million pounds. Free web sites are generally paid for by advertising, and require the inclusion of large banner ads on the client's pages. This, unfortunately gives the visitor to your site an immediate way to leave and browse elsewhere. They also generally require that creation and maintenance to be performed by the owner. PDM Business Services does not do free web sites, but we can be surprisingly affordable.

Most clients who contract with small web designers like PDM Business Services don't understand, or even want to understand, the nuances of web design techniques, and may be unaware of many of the features that a web site can provide to benefit their business or organisation. As a result, the time required to design a site that optimally serves their needs can be quite unpredictable, and the design objectives are apt to change as site development proceeds. For this reason, PDM Business Services prefers not to quote a flat rate unless the potential client has a very specific design in mind.

Most sites designed by PDM Business Services cost from a few hundred pounds for a basic 2 to 3 page site with no interactive features to a few thousand pounds for a large site with lots of images, interactive submit forms, and/or dynamic content.

How can a web site benefit my business?

A web site is one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising that any business can employ. However, web sites do not advertise themselves. You must first make your customers aware that you have a web site. Always include your web site address on your advertising flyers, business cards, and newspaper or other media ads. Added to your existing advertising, a web site can offer numerous additional features not available from conventional advertising.

  • Product or service listings can be posted once, and will need no further attention, and no per-insertion charges.
  • Product specifications and feature comparisons can help your customers decide which of your products is right for them.
  • A map to your facility and a photograph of the building can help bring visitors to your door.
  • A web site can provide application information about how various products can be used, or how your company's services can benefit the customer.
  • Technical support, in the form of operator's manuals, service manuals, or lists of frequently asked questions (FAQ's), can be made available for customers to browse or download to their printers.
  • A customer information request form can be provided to allow visitors to direct queries from the web to your email account.

Search Engine Registration

Success on the Internet depends not only on a finely tuned website, but by the ability of your target audience to tune in as well. Bring in more traffic by registering your site with online search engines. Register your website with the top search engines on the Internet once a month for a FULL YEAR at a very affordable price of ?200.00 per 5 pages That's only ?16.67 per month.

Our success in this area speaks for its self, go to Yahoo or Google and search for road sweeper parts in the UK, we have two such companies Speltech Ltd & Stocks UK who rank in the top ten.

Try searching for locksmiths in hertfordshire, we ranked locksmith4u in the top 10 on major search engines.

You could pay millions having the largest and best web site in the world, but if people are unable to find it then you may as well not have a web site.

With the many millions of websites already online, and thousands more being added each day, your site falls deeper and deeper into the realm of www.cantfindyoursite.com. By registering, you add your website to the selected search engine's list of sites to be spidered, crawled or indexed, thus improving your chances of being found by someone searching for what you have to offer. Most of the major search engines eventually try to index a majority of the sites online, but by not registering this could cause your site to go unnoticed for many many months.